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Monday, October 16, 2017

I see stupid people

In the movie "The Sixth Sense," the 9-year-old boy, Cole Sear, said: "I see dead people."

My gift is I see stupid people.

Murdoch defends NBC's lies

The New York Post is the runt of Sir Rupert Murdoch's media litter. I doubt it makes money for News Corporation but no one else wants it, and closing it would be messy.

The Post editorial board supports Trump, but over the weekend Murdoch evidently big-footed the board and ordered -- likely indirectly -- an editorial slamming the president.

Trump hired the best

Trump's chief of staff schooled the press last week after a series of nonsense stories about his being frustrated with President Trump.

John Kelly is a retired Marine general. He could be lobbying for some defense contractor or fly-fishing in Idaho right now.

Beating the Islamic State

Whilst the media chases the latest tweet from Trump -- whilst the NFL tries to figure out how to put genie of protest back in the bottle -- whilst the let-Harvey-be-Harvey crowd finds religion -- real news is happening.

The Islamic State is on the run.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fake News panels fail

Another Sunday, another round of network shows that feature a half hour of the host ranting about Trump, interviewing someone to either rant on Trump or face an inquisition, followed by a half hour of panels regurgitating that Trump is the worst president, evah.

Every week, every show.

And Donald John Trump is still president.

How Clinton enabled Weinstein

Bill Clinton was a serial molester, and according to Juanita Broaddrick, a rapist as well.

Not only did Hillary greenlight a smear campaign against his accusers, but she mobilized Hollywood to come to his defense.

In so doing she enabled Harvey Weinstein and hundreds of other sexual predators by making it more difficult for victims to speak out.

Journalism test

Journalists deny a liberal bias. This is a simple test for them to prove it without arguments or emotional pleas.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

George Lopez booed -- the swamp is draining

President Trump's attacks on the media, the NFL, and others are not impulsive -- but part of a strategy to reverse 60 years of cultural deterioration.

In draining the swamp, the president has to cut off its main tributary: the media.

Cowboys ratings down 23%

America's team is now America's apologists, and fans are walking away.

Or changing channels.

Make Congress's prescriptions public record

In his last run for the Senate, Robert Byrd could no longer control his arms. They flapped like wings. His staff called it benign tremors. He died mid-term,

Inquiries about his health went nowhere.